Archery Tag

Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club offers a new dimension in the field of combat sports called The Archery Tag. It is a unique sport that combines dodgeball elements with timeless archery skills. Players take aim at each other with our non-lethal arrows to score points or eliminate opposing team members. A safe, family-oriented sport that satisfies the competitive spirit as well as the thrill seeker.

Archery Tag offers an interactive experience that is more physical than other activities. One of the fastest-growing sports of its kind. If the Battle Game is too much for you, do the Target Shooting instead.

Operating Hours

Monday – Thursday from 12:15 PM till 10:00 PM
Last call 09:30 PM
Saturday – Sunday from 10:15 AM till 10:00 PM
Last call 09:30 PM
Friday from 2:15 PM till 11:00 PM
Last call 10:15 PM

Check-in Location

Turn right after the Security Gate
Archery Tag
Walk-in Guests
Battle Game (30 mins session & Min. 4 paxs required)
AED 95
Target Shooting (20 arrows)
AED 75
Recommended Age limit
10 years and above
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