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Playing Certificate

A player must obtain a playing certificate (PC) which proves he/she is of sufficient playing standard and has a basic understanding of the games rules and etiquette. Once achieved the pupil is permitted play on the course unsupervised.

He/she must also demonstrate a certain playing standard and pace of play. Playing certificates can only be authorized by a PGA Qualified Professional.


Playing Standard

Gentlemen must complete 3 holes in 9 over par or better. Ladies must complete 3 holes in 12 over par or better. This must be achieved within a set period of time.


Know Your Etiquette

A player must:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of pace of play and the procedure of allowing quicker players to play through
  • Show courtesy to other golfer
  • Understand the importance of repairing pitch marks, replacing divots and raking bunker
  • Marking your ball and the order of play


Rules of Golf

A player must have a clear understanding of:

  • Basic rules of golf
  • Teeing ground
  • Correct procedures for out of bounds
  • Water hazards
  • Lateral water hazards
  • Lost ball
  • Unplayable ball


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